We know our Tigers have school spirit! On the select dates, teachers will count all students wearing a school spirit shirt or school colors (at least 50% of the shirt is purple or yellow). Class matchups were chosen at random and the class with the most participants in each matchup will move on to the next round. The winning class will get to help design our next school spirit shirt.
First-round matchups:
  • Powell vs. Sandalic
  • Diener vs. Hindo
  • Palumbo vs. Hall
  • Gourniak vs. Robbins
  • Ticich & Ward vs. Tomaras
  • Brenneman vs. Jones
  • Bognetti vs. Wright
  • Miller vs. Cribbs
  • Wauben vs. Nell
  • Turner vs. Lunn
  • Burgess vs. Ritter
  • Brantley vs. Martone
  • Parker vs. Holsapple
  • Main vs. Muzzy
  • Fox vs. Faulkner
  • Sikalos vs. Mitchell