Celebration Policy

Foods for school celebrations often include unhealthy choices such as cupcakes, candy, cookies, and soda. While there is nothing wrong with an occasional treat, unhealthy foods are often the norm rather than the exception. Our School Board’s Wellness Policy and Procedures 8510  were updated to comply with USDA Local School Wellness Policy requirements and birthday parties and/or classroom celebration food items must now meet USDA Smart Snack Standards and be prepared in a commercial kitchen.

Celebration foods are available to parents to purchase for their child’s class through their school cafeteria- Pasco Smart Snack Celebrations. Please reach out to Ms. Lobalbo at (727) 774-3578 at least 2 weeks prior to the celebration. These foods are already Smart Snack approved for ease of access and can be delivered directly to your child’s classroom.

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation Smart Food Planner provides a link to Smart Snack compliant products available through Amazon as well as a calculator to check your food labels for compliance. We strongly encourage the use of non-food items for celebrations such as pencils, erasers, stickers, crafts, gardening time, and classroom dance parties to name a few.

You can also order Smart Snacks from Amazon by clicking the Amazon Link.