What is it?   

    • This is an incentive program for intermediate students.
    • Students earn colored bands based on behavior each quarter at the progress report time.
    • Each band will reward students with privileges.

How does it work?

    • Students who follow rules, have good work habits and show respect for peers, staff, and property (as evidenced by progress report behavior and work habits) will earn colored bands.
    • Each progress report is another opportunity to earn a band.
    • There are 4 levels of bands, each with increasing privileges.


  • Progress Report “X” free in:
  • Respect Peers
  • Respect Staff
  • Respect Property
  • Follow Rules
  • Effort
  • Works Cooperatively
  • No Referrals

Red Band

  • Names scrolling on television Student names will scroll across the television in the front office. This is also accessible in the classroom.
  • Special privileges in the classroom, Specials or cafeteria
  • Mystery Prize

Yellow Band

  • Red band incentives continue and-
  • Surprise prize drawings
  • Special dress days – ex: wearing a hat in the room, crazy hair day, etc.
  • Mystery Prize

Blue Band  

  • Red and Yellow band incentives continue and-
  • Eat lunch outside one day a week
  • Fun party –e. dance
  • Mystery Prize

Green Band

  • Red, Yellow and Blue band incentives continue and-
  • Game room one time per week
  • Mystery Prize

What if a child loses a band?

  • 1 Free Replacement
  • Purchase 2nd replacement for $.25
  • Start over

What if a child earns all the bands?

Surprise at the end of the year.