RES School SAC Meeting Minutes

Date, time, and location of SAC meeting  10.26.18, RES Media Center
SAC Chair  B. Morgan & T. Iarussi
Principal  K. Allen
Notification of Meeting  Sent via Email/Meeting Flyer
Members present  K. Manos, C. Clayton, K. Pazourek, J. Lobalbo, A. Medeiros, S. Medeiros, K. Biggs, E. Bognetti, K. Lamore, N. Henley, D. Bangs, B. Morgan, T. Iarussi
Members absent  R. Gardner, L. Wilson, N. Christensen, J. Bangs
Quorum present?  Yes
Welcome  B. Morgan & T. Iarussi
Approval of minutes from last meeting? Approval Motioned
Celebrations Southwest Water Systems, Inc. Food Drive – Benefiting Metropolitan Ministries

Rotary – Relicensing ‘Pebble Go!’

Review of Norms Be on Time/End on Time

Everybody should have an opportunity to share their opinion.

SAC = Safe Place

Growth Mindset/Solution Focused

Attendance Status Update Focus on Tier I Supports – 4th Grade & Turkey Trot Celebration

1st Quarter ADA: 92.52%; 2nd Quarter ADA: 94.2%

Behavior Status Update  2nd Quarter – Emphasis on PBIS & Classroom Management

Decrease in Referrals & Behavior Calls

Safety Update  
Healthy Schools Update  Staff Education – No financial gain for schools due to new health standards.
Budget Status  $8,196 in Budget

2017-2018: Used funds to purchase 3rd Grade PD for Wit & Wisdom

ACHIEVE Update Review of Sensory Room benefit due to extreme behaviors.

Request for $300.00 to purchase a Crash Pad – MOTION APPROVED

RECOMMENDATION: Follow-up with NPR Recreation Center and Mayor’s Office (Mr. Pazourek) to determine if equipment could be donated. J. Lobalbo willing to bring letter of need to local fitness centers.

Resource Review Dreambox (Intermediate Students)– Math Camp in AM

Smarty Ants (Primary Students) –Phonics Program in AM

CKLA – (Primary)- Literacy Program Components

Thank you to parent volunteers for unpacking supplies/products!

Next Meeting Agenda Items 501c(3) Status – Invite Annette Park

All Pro Dads Discussion

Next meeting: date, time, and location  11.16.2018, 8:30am – RES Media Center
Minutes submitted by  K. Lamore

*Public must have an opportunity to participate and this may be used for such or SAC may allow public participation throughout the meeting.

Other Notes:

  • “Minutes of Sunshine Law meetings need not be verbatim transcripts of the meetings; rather the use of the term “minutes” in ss. 286.011, F.S., contemplates a brief summary or series of brief notes or memoranda reflecting the events of the meeting.”


  • “Section 286.011(2), Florida Statutes, provides, in part, that: “The minutes of a meeting of any . . . board or commission of any . . . state agency or authority shall be promptly recorded, and such records shall be open to public inspection.”


SAC Minutes

9.27.18 .           8:30am




Be on Time/End on Time

Everybody should have an opportunity to share their opinion.

SAC is a safe place.

Growth Mindset/Solution Focused


Ms. Morgan & Ms. Iarussi – Chairperson & Co-Chairperson

Ms. Lamore – Secretary

Ms. Wilson – Time Keeper

 Review Bylaws

Meetings: 8:30-9:20am

SAC Brochure & Bylaws – Adopted Bylaws

11.23.18 SAC Meeting NOT 11.11.18

 Attendance Status and Goals

Current ADA: 93.01%

2017-2018 ADA: 92.47%

School Comparison – Similar to other Title I/DA Schools

Tiers of Support Discussed

IDEA: Family Support Group

Behavior Status and Goals

72 Current Referrals/13 Students Off-Track

2017-2018: 28

2016-2017: 38

IDEA: Parent/Volunteer Engagement Group

 Healthy Schools Update

Healthy Alliance – Change in Birthday Celebrations

Breakfast in Classroom – ~460 Breakfasts served per day

Healthy Kids Grant – GOTR

ACHIEVE Richey Celebration

Food Pantry – Donations Needed

School Safety Guard Update

Next Month to Discuss:

Monthly Lunch Menus – Pasco County Website

Parent/Volunteer Engagement/Support Group

School Garden – Behavior Support

Pebble Go! License