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Our students have been working hard to make learning gains in all academic areas. The Florida standardized tests are a means to measure growth in specific subjects.   FSA English Language Arts and Math as well as FCAT Science tests will be given from March 2nd through April 28th.

Due to the length of the tests, it is necessary for us to make some minor adjustments to our regular school day. In order to observe a “quiet campus,” our school will be making a few changes to our normal procedures.   Parents will be unable to volunteer on testing days in order to ensure that all students receive the necessary accommodations that they need.   Additionally, lunch and specials schedules may have changed, so please check with your child’s teacher before making arrangements to come for lunch.

It is important that all students arrive on time each day during this testing window. Testing will begin promptly at 9:50 a.m. Please make sure your child has a good night’s sleep and has a healthy breakfast to stimulate the brain. We appreciate your cooperation during this important time period. Listed below are the specific subjects and sessions. If you have any questions, please feel free to call (727) 774-3500.


Date Grade Test
March 2nd 4, 5 Writing
March 25th 3, 4 ELA
March 26th 3, 4 ELA
April 1st 3, 4 Math
April 2nd 3, 4 Math
April 13th 5 ELA
April 14th 5 ELA
April 15th 5 ELA
April 16th 5 ELA
April 20th 5 Math
April 21st 5 Math
April 22nd 5 Math
April 23rd 5 Math
April 27th 5 Science
April 28th 5 Science


Thank you for your continued support.